Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Game

I haven't posted about this yet...maybe I'm not sure that I can put it into words. Maybe I’m still a little shell-shocked about how it all went down. But here it is two weeks later and it is time I share with you the single greatest moment of my life:

The Date: October 16, 2008.
The Place: Boston, Massachusetts
The Purpose: ALCS (Game 5: Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays)

For those that do not know I am a Boston Red Sox fan. I have been for quite sometime. I love baseball in general. In fact, one of my life goals is to watch a game in every MLB ballpark. So it probably goes without saying, Fenway Park is my Mecca. It is the Holiest of Holies. (But I digress...)

About 6 weeks ago I found out that I would be traveling to Boston for work. Of course I did a little research and found that Boston could possibly be playing while I was there, however the stars must align. Certain teams would need to win, other teams would need to lose home field advantage, Red Sox would have to advance. Long story short, I needed a miracle.

Okay, okay...I'll fast forward...

On October 16, 2008 I found myself sitting in the beating heart of baseball itself, Fenway Park, getting ready to watch the Boston Red Sox play the Tampa Bay Rays in an elimination game for the American League Championship. It was unbelievable…at first. But slowly my light was dimmed as I watched the Red Sox slowly fall into a 7-0 deficit by the bottom of the 7th. I sat in my seat trying to tell myself that the $250 I spent for the ticket was well worth it.

Then it happened...Poppy hit a home run, Yooouk drove in some runs and before I know it I am standing with my fellow Sox fans witnessing the greatest comeback of post-season history. Bottom of the 9th, all tied up, J.D. Drew steps up to the plate...MAYHEM.

I know, I know...Sox lost the next game and the Rays went on to lose in the World Series. But know this, after the pandemonium that followed the game winning run and the crowd died down a bit. I breathed in Fenway Park, beheld the fans, the team, the sheer experience of it all...and I cried. I say this with absolutely no shame, tears rolled down my cheeks.

Brynn likes to remind me that I did not shed a tear at our beautiful wedding, or at the miracle birthing of our 2 children. And I tell her this…”Things have happened in my life have brought me greater happiness than any single event ever could. But if I was to break my life down into a series of moments. A lifetime a distinct experiences or instances...then October 16, 2008, Boston Massachusetts, Fenway Park, ALCS Game 5 was the single greatest moment of my life."

To this outpouring of my soul, Brynn's response is this..."You're an idiot."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something to gnaw on...

Recently my cousin (who I really respect and like) sent me an email chain supporting the ban of gay marriage in California. I have seen a lot of this going around lately and I finally felt like I needed to voice my opinion. This is the last letter I wrote him after we had shared a few thoughts back and forth…

Billy Joe Bob (I am protecting his anonymity),

Before we end our little debate I would like to take this full circle. Let’s go back to what sparked this whole thing; the Proposition 8 vote and others like it around the country. You clearly have a moral issue with gay marriage. Your personal values tell you that gay marriage is wrong. If you wanted to forbid it in your family, religion, or faith, I do not seek to sway you in any way. I honestly respect and understand where you are coming from. What I cannot understand why you feel you would need to force your personal believes by voting to ban gay marriage.

We don’t get to choose whom we are attracted to. I’ve never made the choice that I’m attracted to women; it is just how I am made up. Based upon your previous argument you feel the same way. We believe people are born gay. Just as people are born black, straight, female or redhead: we cannot change who we are. Nor should we try. Then how can we as a society (Americans no less) tell homosexuals that they do not have the right to the same freedoms that we have?

Turn the tables for once. What if your religion and government told you that being straight was evil. Marriage between man and woman was unnatural. Would you start looking for a boyfriend? Would women suddenly become repulsive? Of course not…nothing would change. You would still be attracted to women. You would still seek a life partner. And you would still want to marry the girl of your dreams. You cannot change who you are.

So why is it that we all agree people are born gay, but then turn around and fault them for it? We continue to push it further by stating that they do not have the right to act upon what’s normal to them. And take it all the way by voting (even campaigning) against gay marriage. It doesn’t make sense. I have been married for 6 years. I have a beautiful wife and 2 incredible children. I didn’t marry Brynn because she was a woman. I didn’t marry Brynn because someone deemed it socially acceptable. I married Brynn because I loved her and wanted to spend my life with her. How could I possibly justify denying someone else of that freedom?

You are right about one thing; marriage doesn’t mean a whole lot anymore. I can get married in a drive-thru in Vegas (by Elvis). I can mail order a bride from Russia. I can even marry 2 women (in Colorado City). Marriage is simply a word. What marriage can be is what makes it special. Marriage can be a life long partnership between two people that love, respect and cherish one another. Marriage, when treasured is something I hope to never rob anyone of, regardless of gender.

You do not belief that gay marriage is good for you and your values. I respect that. But what gives you the right to tell people how to live? Why would you want to rob someone of their liberty and pursuit of happiness? This vote is not a poll for our moral values; if won, it will deny people of the right to be who they are.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Life at the Perkins

As you all know, things have been quite bleak around the Perkins' household. Steve and I just want to thank everyone for the kind words and support. We have received so many comments and e-mails from all of you, and we are so grateful to be in your prayers. Things are getting better. Steve and I are extremely blessed to have the rambunctious 2 year old that runs our house! The day that we found out Cal had hearing loss; I was doing dishes at the sink bawling. Londyn was busy playing with her bear when all of the sudden I heard her say, “Mommy, B smells like farts.” Who can continue crying when they hear something like that! I really needed a good laugh, and Londyn definitely delivered.
Today we had an appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor to get a prescription for hearing aids. While we were getting ready to go, Londyn spotted a U of U sweatshirt jacket in Cal’s drawer (size: 3-6 months). Londyn of course had to wear it, and we could not convince her to take it off. We spent the morning running errands with Londyn in a jacket that came to her elbows and barely reached her belly button. I know that Heavenly Father gave me Londyn, so that I could have a few good laughs during this hard time.
Cal goes in for a repeat ABR test to make sure the results were accurate, and he will then be fitted for his hearing aides. He is such a sweetheart, and I am anxious to be done watching him get poked and prodded by so many doctors!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Update on Cal

Truth be said, it has been a rough week. For all those that don’t know, here is the update…Cal has failed all of his hearing tests since birth. Last Thursday we took him to an audiologist to measure if and how severe his hearing loss was, and the news wasn’t good. Cal is completely deaf. He has profound hearing loss in both ears.

What a strange thing to even write. Things like this happen to other people, never yourself.

Anyway, as of now he does not register any hearing capability. Our big hope is that the type of damage he has would allow him to receive cochlear implants. He will get an MRI in the next few months to determine if that is even a possibility. But right now we just don't know. As we find out more in the coming months, we will try and keep everyone informed.

It probably seems strange to blog about this, but I figured there were those out there who would want to know, and it’s not an easy thing to just call people and talk about.

Thanks to all of our family and friends who have been so supportive.