Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Unfortunately our house and kids usually look and dress like this. Fortunately they also do stuff like this all the time.

Hello? Anyone?

I’m BAAAACK! – and as irrelevant as ever! Much like a Brittney Spears concert tour announcemetnt; I’m sure that the zero people that read this blog are rejoicing in my triumphant return.

Where to start? I guess I will start with the family.

Sadly Brynn has become horribly fat. I mean, really fat. I don’t know what happened –around 9 months ago she started putting on weight and now...– I mean it has gotten completely ridiculous. (What’s that?...Really?! Oh…)

UPDATE: Apparently Brynn is pregnant. 37 weeks to be exact. Phew! That is a relief. In a few short weeks we will have a new addition to the family. We are terr-ited (mix of terrified and excited). We will keep you up to date and will stream the complete live delivery on this blog - stay tuned!

Londyn just turned 5-years-old and heads to Kindergarten on August 3rd. I know you think you kids are cute and I’m sure they are – but they are probably dogfaces compared to Londyn. She is absolutely adorable keeps me laughing all day long. She still loves to dance and takes everything you say absolutely literal. I love that girl - even though with her blonde hair and blue eyes I'm 80% sure she is not mine.

Cal turns 3 in August and has discreetly turned from sweet little boy to terrorizing toddler. It is not that he is malicious or naughty – he just simply has no regard for anything containing matter or substance. But he has been out of diapers and in a big boy bed for 3 months so with that credit he worked his way up to a B-. Good on ya kid. He is doing incredibly well in speech/hearing. I will have to post video for you soon to boast how awesome he is.

That is my family in a nutshell (no idea what that means).