Thursday, October 27, 2011

"I just had to"

Londyn adores Hadley. She is such a good big sister and so helpful to Brynn and I – but we did have a little incident where Londyn found herself in hot water. Londyn was playing with Haddie in her bouncer the other day when Brynn heard Haddie scream out in pain. Brynn rushed into the room and found Londyn with a very guilty look on her face. “What happened?!” Brynn asked as she picked Haddie up and tried to console her. Londyn looked up with tear filled eyes and confessed “I bit her nose.” Brynn was beside herself and sent Londyn to her room. When I got home from work I was informed that I needed to talk to Londyn about what happened.

Brynn had dance class that night so I let it slide until I was putting Londyn to bed that night. Finally alone I asked her, “Why did you do it? You are so good with Hadley. What on earth caused you to bite her little nose?” With a remorseful look and a trembling lip Londyn said, “I don’t know. I was just playing with her and giving her kisses when I looked up and saw her little nose. And I don’t know why dad, but I just had to bite it. I couldn’t help myself.”

I guess the old adage of “you are so cute, I could just eat you up” ended up being just too tempting for Haddie’s big sister.