Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Destin, FL

If I retire somewhere, I think it may be down in Destin, FL. Flour white sand, crystal clear water, great restaurants and as far as I know - not a flake of snow all year round. Yes sir, I could definitely see Brynn and I gathering seashells on the shores of Destin in our Depends.

The trip was incredible. Even with a few minor set backs (record heat and algae beaches) we still had a great time. Even Cal on the plane (the thought alone gave me night sweats and shortness of breathe) did relatively well at 30,000 ft. Londyn loved playing with her cousins and Brynn even got herself an 8th grade Raging Waters Summer Pass Tan. A rare feat for for a mother of 2.

All in all. A good vacation with even better people.