Saturday, June 5, 2010

Londyn turned 4 years old!

Londyn (of course) wanted a Disney Princess Party. It was a lovely day; so lovely we decided to have her party in the backyard. We put up tables and chairs and decorated the backyard with ribbon and balloons. Cinderella herself couldn’t have been more proud. Brynn even bought Londyn a huge Princess Castle balloon that she was thrilled about. The whole family was over: cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We were set for a glorious evening. Just as everyone was settling in the incident occurred.

The boys were running around the back yard when Londyn's cousin ran by the balloons and couldn’t help but give them a little smack as he ran by. The balloons seemed to weather the assault except for one single balloon that dislodged itself from its string. 25 people watched in horror as the beloved big castle balloon slowly drifted away. Complete silence filled the backyard as the castle floated further and further into the earth’s atmosphere. The eerie silence was finally broken by a scream of a newly minted 4-year-old little girl. Londyn was devastated. It literally took me 15 minutes to stifle the sobs coming from her little body. The rest of the night was perfect. Presents to piƱata, all had a great time – but looming in the northeast quadrant of the sky a little black dot with a drawbridge seemed to be mocking us from on high.

Happy Birthday Lou!

Trying to keep up with these 2...