Monday, December 29, 2008


2008 will go down in the annals (great word) of the Perkins history as (shall I say)…an interesting year?

- On January 1, 2008 we found out that Brynn was pregnant with Cal. It was a little sooner than we anticipated, but we kicked the year off with a doozy. The 3-of-a-kind, just became a Full House*.

*In reference to a poker term, not the early 90’s sit-com where a Father (a local morning talk-show host) and his 2 brothers (the ex-drummer from the band Jesse and the Rippers and a television commercial jingle writer) attempted to raise 3 mischievous young girls in the San Francisco, California area. With no help from a nosy neighbor by the name a Kimmie Gibbler I might add.

MARCH - With the discovery of the human growing inside of Brynn, we decided that the Riverton townhouse would no longer support the growing Perkins clan. So in March we bought our 1978 beauty located in WeJo (West Jordan - that will catch on, you just watch).

MAY - In May, we held the hallowed Cinco de Mustache party. I’m sure the onslaught of mustached men showing up at our new home raised a few eyebrows in the neighborhood.

May also took us to Destin Beach, FL. This goes down as one of the best Perkins’ vacations ever. (I am looking at this picture and wondering why I live in Utah…seriously why?)

May 25, 2008
– Londyn turned 2 years old! Happy Birthday Lou! How exciting!
May 26, 2008 – (Excitement terminated as Brynn and I realize that 2 year olds are completely insane.)

- Brynn became a birthing stallion and gave way to a 6 lb. 15 oz. little boy. Calan “Cal” Taylor Perkins became the newest appendage to the Brynn and Steve Show.

- September and October was a blur of doctors’ appointments and hearing tests. End result: we found out that Calan is profoundly deaf. September and October was like a binge feed at the local Chuck-A-Rama. We consumed everything way to fast, and now we are still trying to figure out how to digest it all.

- (Sorry Brynn, had to post it)…Steve goes to Fenway! Steve also gets a new job. But did I mention that I saw the Sox come back from a 7 -0 deficit in the ALCS game 5?

- Utah beats TCU in a thriller, and beats (Blue Team) in a killer. I just made that up, that’s what’s up. I can do this all day. Don’t get in my way…and I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. (Bonus point for anyone who can name that gem.)

- Brynn turned 27, Steve became Scuba Steve and Londyn legally changed her name to Dorothy. I am the Can (Tin Man). Brynn is…(you guessed it), the Witch.

New house, new kid, new job, new challenges…2008 will definitely go down as one of our more eventful (going on) 7 years of marriage. To all those that have spent it with us, God bless. It has been a great year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Chrismtas

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is a time a giving, a time a sharing, even a time of receiving. I just want you all to remember, that most of all it is a time of remembrance...

(My M.O. is usually not to post these random videos on my blog. This must be some sort of phase I am going through. I will get back to writing soon...)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Have you ever come across something that is so incredibly cool, that you feel it is your social responsibility to share it with people? This is one of those things...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dear guy who wrote "Christmas Shoes",

I want to punch your face off with a waffle iron.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Attn: North Pole

Londyn wrote her letter to Santa today. Londyn talked, Mom wrote...and this is the result.

Dear Santa,

I want a dress with polka dots. I want a toy. I want some dinner. I want chicken. I want a Cinderella and a garden, all by myself. I would like some presents. Merry Christmas.