Sunday, May 25, 2008

Destin, Florida

Well, sadly the Brynn and Steve Show is back on the map. After an 8 day, 7 night hiatus in Destin Beach, Florida, we are back…and miserable. We are miserable because we left an incredible beach house, white sand that felt like flour between your toes, the crystal clear waters of Golfo de Mexico, and balmy but pleasant 85 degree temperature. It just pure sucks to be back. It was one the best vacations Brynn and I have ever gone on. Shout out to Lisa and Brent for renting the beach house…definitely indebted.

And I can’t end without wishing our little girl a Happy 2nd Birthday!

2 years ago today, Londyn crawled out of her mom’s uterus and into our hearts. Happy Birthday Lou! We are having a little party for her Tuesday, so stay tuned for some post-shindig pics.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Mommy...

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for always making sure I have a hair bow on my bald little head. Thank you for teaching me to count to 10 as I walk up the stairs (sorry for always forget the number 4). Thank you for responding to me when I say “Guess what?” (Even though I don’t know what “guess what” means, so I don’t really follow it up with anything.) Thank you for rocking me a minute before I go night night. Thank you for teaching me all of my favorite songs. Thank you for letting me use your garments as Bear’s soft blanket. Thank you for letting me eat my cereal in bed, even though daddy gets mad at you for it. Thank you for TiVoing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for me. Thank you for always treating Bear like a part of the family and washing him when he is stinky. Thank you for cuddling me when I’m chilly. Thank you for taking me on walks to the park. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for being my Mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. I love you.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mustache - 2008

The 2008 Cinco de Mustache Extravaganza was simply glorious. The children played, the wives gossiped, and the men stroked their mustaches in satisfaction. Thanks to all for such an occasion. It will long live in my man hair memory. Until next year…


Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear Family,

I have come to a realization. The epiphany came to me just last night. Brynn’s sister, Brook, spent the weekend cleaning out her basement. They showed up to Sunday dinner with a lamp, a few frames, and a statue. A few months ago, my sister Lisa decided to finish her basement…Brynn and I ended up with 2 couches, a desk, and a chair.

Okay, so what is the realization, the epiphany, the insight I speak of?..
I am my family’s D.I. I am the family Goodwill, Savers, Red Cross the good old fam-damnily Deseret Industries.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here. We have received some really nice things over the years. Couches, chairs, bedroom sets, armoires…I could go on and on. I just never thought I was one of those people.

There is a an old stand-up comedy bit that says, “Every group of friends has an ugly friend…and if you don’t know who the ugly friend is…it’s you.”

Well, maybe every family has D.I. And until about 24 hours ago I couldn’t tell you who ours was. Well I can now. We are the Steve and Brynn Show, the family D.I…pleased to meet you. We are the one and only stop you make before the D.I., and we are proud of it.

Keep it coming family. We have yet to buy a couch in our 6 years of marriage and don’t plan to buy one any time soon.

Yours Truly,

Steve and Brynn