Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Grow Time...

Alright Gents,

Entering it's 4th consecutive year, the time is upon us. As what started as a stiff breeze of male has turned into a full-force man-soon! I foresee a torrential downpour of testosterone and hair reigning upon our manly faces.

I speak of the one and only Cinco de Mustache.

The rules are simple:

1. Growing season begins April 1st.
2. Your face is your canvas; you do with it what you wish. Whether it be a beard, a goatee or the pure mustache. You grow until May 5, Cinco de Mustache.
3. On Cinco de Mustache, for the entire day, you must wear some form of mustache: the Handlebar, the Molester, the Moustachio (affectionately known as the Selleck), the Pornstache, the Walrus. It is your nose undergrowth, you decide. But for one day, May 5, you wear a mustache.
4. And remember, a mustache is an island. By connecting, you only cheat yourself.

The time is now! Relish your flavor savor. Conquer your mouth brow. Let your lip-mane ride free. Feed your face manimal.

It’s time to shed the shackles of the naked upper lip and tell the world “I am Man”. Put on your magnificent lip warmer friend, and join Cinco de Mustache!

Toss the razors and damn the wives. This is our DESTINY!

Good luck friends. Growing season starts Thursday.

A trip down man-mory lane - Cinco de Mustache 2009

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Cal Update...

The little fat man finally figured it out. After 14 months of immobility and 5 months of raw knees, he finally is up and waddling around on his own two feet. He cracks me up when he walks. It’s like watching a balloon animal wobble around the house. Besides walking he is also talking. It’s only been 5-months since we activated his cochlear implant and he is already saying about 10 words. It has been really fun to watch him learn to use his voice.

Walking and talking. The little dude is growing up…