Monday, January 16, 2012

Apples to apples, your life probably sucks...

I assure you my blogging intentions are quite pure. I always think I will keep this blog up to date, but I just don’t. Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s me. Blogging falls into the same category as Bon Iver and Tim Tebow. I should like them. I want to like them. I just don’t.

Neither here nor there (or anywhere) I guess.

Calan received his 2nd cochlear implant on December 5th and is doing really well. The surgery itself was in the words of (once again relevant) Charles Barkley “trr-ible”. It really was a nightmare. The poor guy was so sad and just didn’t understand why we would allow the doctors to hurt him. For parents out there with CI kids, the second surgery is not any easier than the first. But recovery was *quick and now he is back to his old self. We are still working on getting the map to where it needs to be, but we have already seen a real difference in localization.

*Note for CI parents. We fought Calan for an entire week to get him to wear the second implant. It was awful, but we stuck with it and now he prefers it. So hang in there.

Londyn just turned 14, which is really exciting. (Wait. What’s that? Seriously? ) My mistake - apparently Londyn is still 5-years-old. Maybe it’s the fact that she carries around her iPod touch and pretends to text her friends. Maybe it’s the fact that she asked me if her pen was “handcrafted”. Maybe it’s the fact that she rolls her eyes at her almost 31 year-old Dad and makes him feel ridiculous. Either way, she is lucky she has me wrapped around her finger or she would find herself victim of my unholy scathing wrath.

But my favorite child is Hadley. (What do you mean I can’t say that?) Alright, let me rephrase. I “love” Hadley the most. (No good?) Okay let me try again. If I had to pick just one…too far? Okay, okay. But she is an unbelievably good baby. I dare anyone who reads this to hold Haddie for just a minute or two and not fall completely in love with the little girl.

I know what you are thinking. “Wow Steve, compared to you – my life sucks. Your kids are way cuter than mine and your wife is like a super model you get to have unprotected sex with. How great would it be to be in your shoes for only one day?”

And you would be absolutely right.