Friday, October 8, 2010

My Boy

Cal celebrated his one year hearing anniversary on the 5th of October. I cannot even begin to express how incredible this journey has been. Cal was born profoundly deaf – which means he heard nothing, notta, zip, zero. Two years ago we were told that our tiny little boy lived in complete and utter silence. So it was no small miracle, that on October the 5th of 2009; for the first time in his life, Cal could hear. For the first time in his little life he heard the voice of his mommy, and the sound of his big sister singing at the top of her lungs. He heard the mingling of laughter as his daddy tickled his ribs. A little boy whose world was absolute silence, could hear. So ended our journey…or so we thought.

As life has often taught me, the end of a journey is only the beginning of another. The last 365 days has been a blur of speech therapy, audiologists, doctors and homework. And slowly the little boy that could hear his mommy's voice for the first time, now cries out the word mommy. A little boy who could hear the screeching song of his big sister, now screeches right along with her. And now, one year later, our deaf little boy stumbles his chub around the house screaming out “Londyn, where are you!” whenever his adored sister is not in sight. As we walk through the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store he stops and whispers, “BRRRR it’s cold”. During his bedtime routine he lets you know, clear as day, that “I brush teeth” and “I read books!”

We are so proud of our little man. Happy anniversary buddy, I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.


Ashley said...

He is so adorable I can't stand it. What a miracle that he can hear now. I'm so grateful for modern medicine and the power of prayer.

On a random note...Steve, I stumbled upon this video the other day. Be honest, do you guys sit around laughing hysterically at this video? I have to know. Something about the general authority suits in the green fields with blooming flowers cracks me up.

The Greene Gang said...

Oh that is just amazing!!! Congratulations on his great progress--I am always wondering how you guys are doing! Bella has not made near that progress-we are still fighting her just to put the thing on! That really is great to hear that he is doing so well. If you email us at I will send you an invite to our blog. (Not much exciting to see, but if you are interested, you are welcome to it!)

Miranda Whitney said...

That is so awesome, he's such a cute lil man :)